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Benefits for your support to

Recognize Women. Inspire Girls.:

Our Criteria:
1.  Visionaries for Change by following their heart's passion.
2.  Role Model for girls and women. 
3.  Made a Difference demonstrating her commitment, courage and resilience. 

Benefit to sponsors:
*Being a part of history by helping bring these women’s stories to life in our community
*Marketing daily, for one-time fee, as logo or entity name is permanently in Old Town on the Her Legacy art exhibit 
*Leave a Legacy, a growing impact in our community and opportunity to sponsor specific Legacy Honorees portraits
*Opportunity to make a difference in lives of those who learn of these women’s life stories

Project Benefit to the Community:
•Recognition through other Colorado Welcome Centers with bookmark invites in each center                                     
•Add to Fort Collins’ identity as a cultural center and tourist destination
•Potential revenue addition to city due to visits to see the Zonta Women’s Legacy Mural
•Add to economic vitality and use of these Old Town spaces
• Partnerships with and participation by local PSD, FRCC/LC and CSU
•Traveling art exhibits within Fort Collins and surrounding communities
•Art in Public Places:  Esthetically pleasing and informative art display
•Part of the Downtown Alley Enhancement project into Old Town from East
•Helping to fulfill part of Goal #3 of the 2008 Fort Collins Cultural Plan
*Recognition of historical and notable women with ties to Fort Collins

*Education component:  

Intergenerational/5th grade Role/Model Mentor art workshops, Girl Leaders/Success for Teens curriculum/mentorships (at-risk girls/teen mom’s), community forums,

and PSD curriculum in 2nd grade Fort Collins & 4th grade CO history, Middle/High School Social Studies, Art classes,

including curriculum in CSU Women’s Studies. 

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