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2022 Quarterly Events

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winter icon

Qtr 1
Jan - Mar

  • Women’s History Month education window display at Pour Brothers Community Tavern-2022

  • Pour Brothers Community Night-WED MAR 8th

  • Fourth Speaker Series, one every other FRI MAY through OCT-  “Impactful Women. Inspiring Lives”

  • Celebrate Donors, Sponsors and Volunteers on Valentine’s Day

  • Sponsoring Women Empowering Women forum

  • Celebrating Women’s History Month

  • Role Model art workshop TBD Aztlan Center

  • Board meeting 2nd Thursday every month 

spring icon

Qtr 2

  • First Annual Golf Tournament at Marianna Buttes, Loveland-MAY 19th

  • “Living Her Legacy” is attending Business Women’s Network of Fort Collins monthly

  • Speaker Series

  • Fifth Grade Role Model Art Workshop at Boys/Girls Club

  • National Volunteer Month - Celebrate Volunteers

  • Recognize Donors/Sponsors 

  • Board meeting 2nd Thursday every month 

summer icon

Qtr 3

  • Rise Women’s Concert -AUG TBD

  • Appreciate Donors, Sponsors and Volunteers

  • Speaker Series

  • Fifth Grade Girl Role Model Art Workshop-Matthews House TBD 

  • Unveiling Event Legacy Honorees in Old Town Fort Collins-TBD

  • Girl Leaders Program

  • 'Living Her Legacy' attends the 4BR business networking meetings weekly every month

  • Annual Volunteer Brunch

  • Board meeting 2nd Thursday every month 

  • AUG 26th Women's Equity Day event at Centerra Barnes/Noble bookstore

fall icon

Qtr 4

  • Speaker Series

  • First Community Women for Women Forum

  • Donor Appreciation Event - Celebrate World Kindness Day-NOV TBD

  • Girl Leaders Program

  • 'Living Her Legacy' is attending the Fort Collins Chamber Red Carpet meetings weekly every month

  • Board meeting 2nd Thursday every month 

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