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Living Her Legacy's Role Model Art workshops are partnering with five Title 1 elementary schools and youth organizations in Northern Colorado including Aztlan Center, Boys and Girls Clubs and Matthews House.

​"At-risk students involved in arts are 23 percentage points more likely to attend college than peers with low arts involvement."  (The Arts and Achievement in At-Risk Youth, 2012)

5th Grade Girl Role Model Art Workshop LOGO_edited.png

Studies show, positive role models boost young people's motivation by modeling a guide to achieving success.  For example, a young person with a positive role model is more likely to have an ability to inspire others, have a clear set of values, display a commitment to community and acceptance of others, and show an ability to overcome obstacles.

Living Her Legacy's art workshop delivers this learning opportunity in a safe and welcoming environment to underserved 5th grade girls in an intergenerational environment.  Each 5th grade girl is paired with a vetted adult female community member role model. 

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Designed as an interactive workshop, attendance is limited to ten girls maximum.  Student to adult female volunteer ratio is 1:1.  Each workshop is approximately three hours in length.

The first hour is a "get to know you" discussion, curriculum lead by our facilitator includes definitions of  role models and mentors, sharing experiences growing up, guided question prompts, and discussing role model life journeys. 

LHL Education - Curriculum

The second hour is a shared art creation session, with both the student and role model mentor volunteer working together, depicting what was discussed and learned.

Each Role Model Art Workshop will include a guest speaker including Living Her Legacy Honorees.

LHL Education - Role Model Workshop
LHL Education - Role Model Workshop

Art Project

The art project is a triptych format, a three-piece art creation made out of magazines, words, watercolorpaints, colored pencils etc. to depict the lessons learned during this shared experience.  Each section of the triptych will be signed by both participants.  the intention is to allow the student to take one part of the art creation home, one section is offered to the role model mentor to take home and one section will belong to Living Her Legacy for display at our community events.


The Role Model Art Workshops are held three times a year in the Fall Semester and three times a year in the spring semester and will also be offered in a summer program.


Trish Murtha - Facilitator, LHL

Award-winning professional artist, Trish Murtha is our workshop facilitator.  For over five years, Trish has worked with 5th grade students in the Loveland, Colorado School District facilitating similar art workshops.  She has twenty years of art experience with a diverse portfolio from contemporary to fine art.  Learn more at Trish Murtha Designs.

Be a Role Model

Qualified Role Model volunteers Wanted!  Please contact our Executive Director for more information.  Currently, LHL has a role model volunteer pool of over twenty-two adults who have been screened including background checks.

Sally ride - Quote, LHL

"Young girls  need to see role  models in whatever careers they may choose, just so they can picture themselves doing those jobs someday.  You can't be what you can't see.

Sally Ride

American physicist & astronaut.

First woman in space 1983

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