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The Living Her Legacy Honoree selection process was initiated in April 2015 and was completed in 2018.  Nominations were received from over one hundred community members.  After seven selection events, forty-eight notable women were selected to be recognized as our Legacy Honorees for our historic public art exhibition.

The Criteria was shaped by our mission statement:

mission statement

As women, we are creating Living Her Legacy to inspire women and girls to discover themselves and the many talents, contributions, and achievements of women, both past and present, in our Fort Collins community. 

"Inspiring Girls and Women to Create Their Own Legacies"


Recognizing Women. Inspiring Girls.

Living Her Legacy Logo

selection criteria

  • Visionaries for change by following their heart's passion.

  • Role model for girls and women. 

  • Made a difference demonstrated by her commitment, courage and resilience.

selection PROCESS

The selection process began in April 2015. The concept was shared with women from the Fort Collins, Colorado community who volunteered to participate with Patti Smith (Founder) and Rachael Davis (Artistic Director).   At this event, one of the participants, a professional life coach volunteered to help create the mission and vision statements.

Over one hundred community members participated in the nomination process. We advertised the invitation in the media, on our website, FaceBook and through word-of- mouth.

The next step was to have a committee of three individuals evaluate the nominations and rate them based upon our criteria to determine twenty-four potential notable women to be presented at the next selection event.

Dr. Joan C King - Living Her Legacy

"Who are you to deny the word of your genius." 


- Dr. Joan King

Educator, Life Coach & Author

At our selection events, a PowerPoint presentation about each individual nominee was initially presented. We invited the selection committee to verbally add any information they may know about each Nominee to be reviewed with the selection committee and the voting rubric was discussed. Multiple viewing tables were set up with a placard placed on a metal stand of each nominee’s photo and a brief description of their impact in the community. Below each photo was the nomination form, and additional information that was subsequently located (regarding the Nominee) to add to this process. The selection committee took their rubric with them as they reviewed all of the documentation available. Discussion continued as we held a round table dialogue regarding last minute input about the process. Votes were tabulated offsite. 

We selected twelve women during each selection event. The women that were nominated, but not selected, were included into the next round of the review process, and the process was repeated. We had over thirty women committee volunteers who participated in these selection events.

There were seven selection events held over three years’ time to select the first forty-eight notable women to become our Legacy Honorees.

Living Her Legacy - Selection Committee

April, 2015 Initial selection event to introduce LHL project to women in our community and obtain their input about moving forward.


Left to right:  Kimberly Allison, Patti Smith, Meg Dunn, Rachael Davis, Namuyaba Temanju. Dawn Gorkowski, Judith Hamman, Serena Robb, and Barbara Fleming

Back row: Keely Mendicino, Robyn Moore, Hannah Baltz-Smith and Erin Udell

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