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This page dedicated to each of our donors, partners and supporters. 

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"Your legacy is every life you've touched."

-Maya Angelou

Societal Impact

Impact of LHL Educational Programs

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Educational Programs

First Girl Leaders Program
FEB 8, 2021-AUG 30, 2021

Class held on zoom Monday's 5PM-8PM. 
Four students applied with three dropping out due to personal reasons.
*" I would definitely recommend this to my friends, I have learned a lot from this class and I think other teens should as well. I enjoyed getting to know Patti, I learned how to be more confident from Confidence Code book and learned a lot and enjoyed the Career interview with Tiffany, at the law firm."
For the class community service project Shyann, her Grandmother, Brenda, and Patti made 30 Gratitude journals. They were for 30-5th grade students at Winona Elementary school in Loveland and delivered outside, May 2021 to the thrilled students. Their teacher texted Patti at end of the day stating:  "The students love their journals and wrote in them any free time they had today in class.  Thank you!" Yes, the pink were for girls and blue ones for boys.
Shyann met with a paralegal to learn about the Legal profession supporting foster children.
Shyann's artwork for Women's Day March 2021:  "Healing America one patient at a time"
Girl Leader celebration Shyann talking nice photo.jpg
Shyann speaking at the AUG 30th Celebration event:
Girl Leader Gratitude journals for 5th grade classes May 2021.jpg
Shyann in Legacy office best.jpg
Girl leader celebration Shyann healthcare art poster.jpg
 You can view a photo collage of each program event under Events, then Events Photo Gallery.

First 5th Grade Role Model Art Workshop
APR 29, 2022

Finished  framed Tryptich art project depicting what they learned about Role Models/Mentors
The students took one home, the adult participant took one home and LHL has one. Four students applied one had to leave early and the other was not available at last minute.
Wellington Boys/Girls Club Student comments:
A.D.-Two characteristics she would look for in a role model are:  Kindness and Helpfulness
*I got to make art and it was so enjoyable!  I loved it !!!
*Yes! I would recommend this workshop to friends.
*One thing I learned was to let your imagination grow and spill out on paper.
Ash-I would look for creativity in a role model.
* I learned to Be Creative by attending 
*I enjoyed the workshop and thought it was fun!!
*Yes, I would recommend this workshop to friends.
5th grade gratitude-Follow Your Heart-journals gifted to our three participants.
Role model art workshop logo.jpg
Role model art workshop final product 1.png
Role model art workshop product final 2.png
5th grade journal image.jpg
Art Exhibitions

Impact of LHL Art Exhibitions

unveiling welcome sign only.jpg

First Unveiling Event Held APR 2021

We were excited and honored to install the first four Legacy Honoree portraits during Covid. We had guests who attended and many nice articles written/shared via the Coloradoan and KUNC. 

Stop by Northside of CooperSmith's Poolside Brewery, when in Old Town, Fort Collins to view our Living Her Legacy nonprofit portrait windows recognizing the impact of these incredible women.

Second Unveiling Event Held APR 2022

 Our second unveiling installation was equally as exciting with many community guests in attendance.  The unveiling events will occur approximately every six months.

Click on Newsletter Signup at top to stay connected to be notified of each new installation event.
Impact report unveiling APR 18 2021.jpg
Unveiling APR 2022 unveiled portrait window.jpg
You can view a photo collage of each unveiling event at the Event tab then the Events Photo Gallery.
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