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Thank You volunteers

We appreciate our volunteers!

Community Advisory Council

Community Advisory Council 

Barbara Fleming, LHL Community Advisory Council

Barbara Fleming

Author, Coloradoan Columnist & LHL Wordsmith (Deceased November 2021) 

Barbara has been with our team since April, 2015 on our Planning Team and Selection Committee. She is an author of multiple books and a long-time History Columnist for The Fort Collins Coloradoan newspaper,  A history enthusiast and word smith.  Learn more about Barbara here.

Kirsten Johnson

Correspondence Support

Thank you Kirsten for volunteering your time to complete our hand written correspondence.  Kirsten has been with our team since January 2015 and is currently working as the Southwest Regional Product Specialist at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.

Kirsten Johnson, LHL Community Advisory Council
Leslie Carol Botha, LHL Community Advisory Council

Leslie Carol Botha

Social Media Consultant

Thank you, Leslie for inspiring weekly posts on our social media.

I have supported Patti Smith and her project Her Legacy Women of Fort Collins since its inception. The importance of honoring the contributions women have made to our community cannot and must not be underestimated. Even though the Legacy project highlights a limited number of women who were and continue to be the backbone of our community, the project  opens the door to understanding the vast contributions, valor and efforts women have made in the past, present and hopefully  into the future.

Rachael Davis

Artist/Artistic Director/Portrait Artist

Rachael is a previous Zonta Club Member and has partnered with LHL since early 2014 to create the concept and art process for this project.  Rachel holds an MFA (Masters of Fine Art) degree from CSU.  We wouldn't be where we are today without Rachel's artistic guidance.

"I am a thriving single mom, artist, and educator because of the strong and fearless women in my life who have mentored me. Living Her Legacy provides that same connection for the community. The women honored in these fine art prints transform into role models and living stories that are relatable and affirm all that is possible when one believes in themselves and embraces their dreams."

Rachael Davis, LHL Community Advisory Council
Rosann Winn, LHL Community Advisory Council

Rosann Winn

Musician/Music Consultant

Rosann is a valuable member of our local music community.  She has introduced women musicians in the community to LHL, and volunteered her own musical talent at LHL concerts.  She joined our team spring 2017, assists with our women's music concerts, and owns a local business. 

RJ Clay

Musician/Music Consultant/Videographer

RJ is an invaluable member of our team he has donated hundreds of hours with both his musical talent and sharing his videography skills at our events.  He has provided sound system engineering for our events women’s music concerts.  RJ has been a member of our team since 2015.

RJ Clay, LHL Community Advisory Council
Trish Murtha, LHL Community Advisory Council

Trish Murtha

Role Model-Art Workshop Facilitator/ Portrait Artist

Trish is a talented watercolor artist, and joined our team as our second artist in June 2017 and is our Role Model/Art Workshop Facilitator/Portrait Artist. 

Alyse Smith

Graphic Designer

We are grateful for Alyse's creative contribution to LHL for our marketing and portrait window design. Alyse joined our team August, 2017. Worked at University of Illinois Dekalb, IL managing their online presence and graphic design needs over 6 years. 

Alyse Smith, LHL Community Advisory Council
Julie Ulstrup, LHL Community Advisory Council

Julie Ulstrup


Julie joined our team in September, 2017.  Julie is a talented,  professional photographer whose purpose is to create meaningful relationships with her clients which help her create story filled photos. We are grateful for her support in photographing the LHL Honorees.


RISE, Women's Concert 2022 Musicians - LHL

Community Volunteers

Community Volunteers

We appreciate our volunteers so very much!  We couldn't make progress without your support! 

Thank you LHL Volunteers

Alex Koenigsberg 

Amanda Guedes Salerno 

Angela Kettle 

Ashley Kaprzak 

Brenda Woods 

Brooke Gardner 

Carmen Mendoza 

Dawna Gorkowski 

Donna Martemucci 

Erin Udell 

Hannah Baltz-Smith 

Hannah Hayes 

Heather Bonnema 

Jan Gunderson 

Judith Hammon 

Karen Spruill 

Kathy Gilliand 

Keely Medicino 

Kim Medina

Kimberly Allison

Linda Brown 

Lorna Reeves 

Louise Creager 

Mary Alice Grant 

Meg Dunn 

Michel Olds 

Michelle Stoll 

Nadine Jung 

Namuyaba Temanju 

Nathan Scott 

Nina Azari 

Robin Walter 

Robyn Moore 

Sara Osteboe 

Serena Robb 

Sharon Montes 

Stacey Jensen 

Tim Dolan 

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