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Feminine Expression - Women's History Month 2024

Updated: Mar 13

March is not just a month; it's a celebration of the extraordinary contributions of women throughout history. In Fort Collins, we take pride in highlighting the influential women who have grown up in our vibrant community, shaping it with their creativity and passion. As we immerse ourselves in Women's History Month, let's revel in the power women possess to create worlds of beauty, art, and fun.

Our city has been home to remarkable women who have left an unforgettable mark, proving that identity is no barrier to making a profound impact. From artists to entrepreneurs, their stories are the foundations of empowerment.

Their achievements are a testament to the limitless potential that lies within each of us.

Women's History Month is not just about looking back; it's a call to action for the present. In the spirit of celebration, we encourage you to engage in activities this month that fill you with pride for being a woman and support those around you in expressing themselves.

Here are a few suggestions:

Explore Local Art Exhibits: Visit art galleries in Fort Collins showcasing works by women artists. Immerse yourself in their creativity and celebrate the diverse expressions of women in the art world. Living Her Legacy is grateful to be showcasing portraits of our Legacy Honorees at the Lyric Cinema, Global Village Museum, and the Museum of Art in Old Town, for the month of March. 

Share Moments with Loved Ones: Gather with the women who fill your life with love and support. Share stories, laughter, and moments of gratitude. Celebrate the unique strengths each woman brings to the table, fostering a sense of community and sisterhood.

Support Women-Owned Businesses: Fort Collins is home to numerous women-owned businesses. Take the opportunity to visit them, appreciate their contributions, and contribute to the growth of our community – Plantiness is a fun women-owned non-profit in Fort Collins. Visitors can create personalized ceramic pots and bring home beautiful plants to nurture and enjoy.

Take a Mindful Pause: In the midst of our busy lives, carve out moments for mindfulness. Practice gratitude for the woman you are becoming and the journey you're on. This intentional pause can be a source of strength and inspiration.

Attend Events Celebrating Women: Keep an eye on local events dedicated to honoring women's achievements. Attend these gatherings to connect with like-minded individuals and amplify the collective voice of women in our community.

To view a list of March women's events, visit the LHL art exhibition at the Global Village Museum to see the list of events honoring women during March. And while there view our 48 Legacy Honorees and learn about their impact, both in the back hallway. And to view each of LHL March events: 

By celebrating Women's History Month

actively, we not only honor the past but

also contribute to the ongoing narrative

of progress. Together, let's create a tapestry of stories that inspire, uplift, and empower women in Northern Colorado. Your involvement, no matter how small, is a step toward a more inclusive and supportive community. Join us in commemorating the

creativity, strength, and resilience of women this March, and let's continue to shape a future where every woman's voice is heard and celebrated.

By Ana Morris - Social Work Intern

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