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What will happen if you followed your magic?

As children we grow up being asked what do we want to be when we grow up? What would we like to do with our lives? As a child with little knowledge about what it means to choose what we want to be, do we really know what to respond? Many kids go with the obvious and say a doctor, a teacher, a police officer or an athlete. But looking back as a child I never really knew what it meant.

In “ Working Moms”, a Netflix original series, Kate Foster has a hard time making a big work decision regarding her career. In the show it flashes back as a distant memory as her father tells her to follow the magic. The magic being her dreams, The writer of the series Catherine Reitman wrote this last episode as a love letter to her father. She goes onto talking about how her father had always said “He always taught my siblings and I to find the magic in life. That is wasn’t worth living unless you find your magic. And commit to it and believe that you are allowed to embrace the magic." Reitman had always been guided in making the decisions that just felt right. Choosing to follow the magic, being whatever makes sense to you.

Not everyone has the same magic. In fact, all magic is different. What’s right for you may not be and is rarely right for someone else, and that’s OK. That’s what life is, a journey of success and failures, winding you down a road you never thought possible. When you follow your own magic doors open while others close.

Following your dreams is such a broad statement. But following where the magic is opens an array of doors and endless possibilities. As an adult I reevaluate my goals and dreams for myself, for my family and for my career more times than I can count. I feel as though being told as a child to follow your dreams is creating a false reality. We all have dreams and just sit on them. Now, if we all could take a step back and go towards the magic, taking that first step to act and then we will experience what feels right. Can you imagine the world we could live in? Doing what feels right, as a mom of a teenager and a toddler I have raised both my children very differently. Now in my 30’s I realize my kids are going to be who they want to be and that’s ok. As a mom I want nothing more than for my kids to be exactly who they are, not who I want them to be. Therefore, going towards their own magic and doing what feels right.

Authored by Nikki Wilson, Intern.

Source: Dowling, Amber " Catherine Reitman on Ending ‘Workin’ Moms,’ That Surprise Guest Star, and Her Love Letter to Late Father Ivan Reitman" Workin' Moms Finale Explained: Catherine Reitman on Dan Aykroyd Cameo ( accessed on 22 September 2023

Photo Credit: Sitterwise on Instagram accessed on 22 September 2023

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