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Does Gender Equality Exist?

In American households most of the breadwinners are women. Unfortunately, by the end of 2022 the wage gap still stood at 17%. That’s almost $20 less for a woman for every $100 a man makes. Gender wage gap is very real, and it is a problem, the data shows it. Let’s see how its progressed throughout the years. The first year which the data was compiled in wages was 1979. The weekly earnings for men 16 and older working full time was $408 compared to the earnings of $261 for women 16 and older. This meant women earned about 62% of what men did. A gradual rise, for all workers 16 and older, reached to 64% in the 80’s. The 90’s had another small growth and it reached to 72%. A few years later in 2005 and 2006 the women’s-to-men’s earning ratios peaked to 81%.

So, what is something we can do as women to work to a solution faster? Studies have shown women are less likely to negotiate their pay. As women, we need to encourage one another to speak up, teach our daughters to as well, and educate our sons to support the change for equality. We can also support women owned businesses and mark your calendars for Equality Day 8/26/2023. Also, stay tuned for Living Her Legacy’s information table at the Centerra Barnes and Noble Women’s Equality Day event in August.

Here are a few websites listing women owned businesses in Fort Collins:

And go visit one of these in the next week or two:

Learn more here about Equality Day:

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