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On Racism

This post is from the Coloradoan Newspaper SUN June 14, 2020 written by Alyce Kaehler. At the end of the post she states: Am 92. Suffered with my country through every crisis since 1930. Am a lifetime Progressive Methodist (do not speak for the United Methodist Church), and a patriotic American. Lost a son in service to this country in 1979. Paid for space in the Coloradoan. Thank you Alyce Kaehler for these inspiring words of wisdom to all.

"Fort Collins has been my home since 1962, but Minneapolis, MN is my home town. I am unable to stand on a corner or walk a street to join the movement to fight racism. I stand, raise my hand and voice in solidarity with my sisters and brothers of color and the protest movement against denied and systemic racism. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

If you doubt that denied and systemic racism exist in Fort Collins & NoCo, pay attention! They do! Blatant racism was here in 1962, racism continues.

Every person in our country deserves an equal portion of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. As demonstrate without doubt that we are the greatest country on earth when we strongly adhere to the highest level of commitment to the spirit and meaning of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States, Bill of Rights and guarantee every American equal human rights, equal justice before the law and equal opportunities to benefit from our nation's wealth and promises.

White people are complicit, if not guilty, of entrenched racism until we face truth and actively fight against racism. Am I racist? Look in a mirror! Ask yourself! Are you racist? We must earnestly QUESTION OUR PERSONAL BIASES AND RESULTING CONSEQUENCES!

We teeter on the precipice of stay-the-same or change. We must embrace opportunities of change in our thinking behavior, policies and laws to prove our worthiness for The Great American Experiment inherited.

The horrifying death of George Floyd that generates so much energy for the current massive protest movement cries out to every American, Do Something! Enter online, What can I do to fight racism? Find inspiration, DO SOMETHING TO FIGHT RACISM!"

Thank you Alyce Kaehler for your very insightful and inspiring article.

She also listed on the side a column that was headed: Remembering Some We Love and Lost...Quietly Say Their Names. She listed under Women and Girls 16 names and under Men and Boys she listed 16 names. Go to the Coloradoan for this article to read these names and sit and say their names out loud.

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