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Share Your Passion

The following is from a post written by Mary Morrisey, the author of Building Your Field of Dreams.

"My friends Lori and Robert wrote a song about a young African boy who had aids. He, like many of the people in his country, was afraid to take the medicine that would help him.

He finally realized he needed to talk about it and he began to be an advocate for the African people receiving the aid that was coming their way.

He became a face and a presence for the need to help the people in Africa. He was on Oprah and he had a very simple message before he died at the age of 12. His name was Nkosi and I bring you his message today.

"Do all you can, with what you have in the time you have, in the place you are."

Let's just imagine this 12 year old boy from Africa who helped his village and his people. He spoke to the world and said if everyone of us will just do a little more each day, of what we can do in the time we have and the place we are, this world will be a much better place.

So let us take that to heart today; that we too might do all we can, with what we have in the time we have, in the place we are. Go on now. Make it a better day."

Mary Morrisey

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