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What is Your Story?

Calling all Women! What Is Your Story?

Everyone has a story. Have you ever thought of your story? You need to take time to think about your story, learn how to author it and share it. Honor yourself as your life story is important.

Our Legacy Honorees have a story to tell. The concept of our Living Her Legacy nonprofit was initiated to tell women’s stories to inspire girls’ futures. As we all know women have been left out of history and their stories not heeded for centuries. The time is now for women to be in the forefront of storytelling.

Our Legacy Honorees’ were chosen based upon the following:

Our Criteria:

1. Visionaries for Change by following their heart's passion.

2. Role Model for girls and women.

3. Made a Difference demonstrating her commitment, courage, and resilience.

All women have a story to tell and there are women all over the world that these criteria describe their efforts daily. All women’s stories matter! Women’s stories can inspire girls and other women to dream big and to learn there are women out there that are willing to listen and to be a role model or mentor. Your story shared will give a girl hope and make others' journeys a bit easier.

As you author your own story, you will find that you have been a role model or mentor to someone whose path you have crossed. Share how you overcame challenges in your stories as well as your successes.

"Why should women tell their stories? From an interview with Farhana Yasmin.

“Because many so-called “sensible” voices will have words saying, “You should not”! That is how the social system of a Third World country (and other countries) has groomed girls to not speak up, let alone solving the issues for women. Still, I insist women should tell their stories because it heals. Yes, every woman has her own journey, own life, own mistakes, own lessons and no one should be there to judge her stories without being in her shoes.

Storytelling should be encouraged to heal and to reinforce the inspirations by female storytellers and for female audience. Telling stories helps to re-shape one's identity, reflect on the possibilities, and re-think the mistakes that could have been avoided. Listening to stories told by women also creates a loving energy for others because we-all women share at least something in common.” Stated by Farhana Yasmin from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Visit here to read the entire interview.

We, as women, need to learn to appreciate our efforts in our family, personal and work lives. We need to think about what IS our story. We all have accomplished wonderful things in our lives, and we need to honor ourselves by thinking about what our story is. What is your passion in life? What is YOUR story?

Mine your own experiences. in an article ‘How to tell a great story’ Written by Carolyn O’Hara in Harvard Review article.

“The best storytellers look to their own memories and life experiences for ways to illustrate their message. What events in your life make you believe in the idea you are trying to share? “Think of a moment in which your own failures led to success in your career, or a lesson that a parent or mentor imparted,” says author of Winning the Story Wars, Jonah Sachs. “Any of these things can be interesting emotional entry points to a story.” There may be a tendency not to want to share personal details at work, but anecdotes that illustrate struggle, failure, and barriers overcome are what make leaders appear authentic and accessible. “The key is to show your vulnerability,” says author of Power Cues, Nick Morgan.” Visit here to review how to tell a story.

Action Plan: This week take time to think about and begin to author your story. Be willing to speak up, your story can help girls/young women realize that their lives matter, their stories count, and they can one day break through that glass ceiling if they so choose and in general enjoy a life filled with gratitude, joy and be well-lived. And in the future look for Living Her Legacy’s ‘Women for Women’ forums (for women ages 18+) where we will meet Legacy Honorees and share our stories.

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