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Do You Enjoy Art?

“National Arts & Humanities Month in October encourages everyone to appreciate art and explore the diverse cultures around us. It is the largest celebration of arts and culture in the U.S., and we urge everyone to reflect on how art enriches our lives.” National Arts and Humanities Month | Americans for the Arts

“In 1993, the week-long celebration grew into a month-long one, and why not? Art is such a vast domain a week wasn’t enough to enjoy and celebrate it properly.” NATIONAL ARTS & HUMANITIES MONTH -October 2022 - National Today

Living Her Legacy (LHL) invites and encourages you to visit our Historic, public outdoor art/education exhibition on the Northside of the building that housed Coopersmith’s Poolside Brewery. LHL is the renovation project to the East entrance to Old Town, Fort Collins (FC), CO. We are the first public outdoor art exhibition in FC and in Colorado to recognize women's accomplishments, that we have located.

Living Her Legacy is an arts and humanities nonprofit, Recognizing Women. Inspiring Girls.

We are creating a generation of changemakers who will inspire their communities and the girls who come behind them, through our women’s art exhibition and our education programs for girls.

How can the Arts and Humanities help heal America?

By supporting and showcasing the creativity and experiences of those that have too often been discounted, we can advance our realization of a society that prioritizes equity and empathy. This October, as we celebrate National Arts and Humanities Month, let us turn to the arts and humanities as a way to help America heal and grow.


Host an event

If you regularly indulge in your artistic side, exhibit your work at an open studio, or take it online for the world to see. It can be anything — creating jewelry, designing clothes, custom painting shoes, and more.

Attend a concert

Whether or not you are a connoisseur of art, everybody enjoys music! Head to a local music concert and use it to express yourself! That’s art too!

Learn about arts

The average person who doesn’t study art misses out. Learn about the stunning artwork created by geniuses throughout history. If classical art is not your thing, explore the work of modern artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and photographer Annie Leibovitz.


90% of people agree

Many people agree art should be taught in elementary, middle, and high school.

The academic benefits are undeniable

Students pursuing arts have overall higher G.P.A.s and better-standardized test scores.

The arts have a social impact

The University of Pennsylvania discovered that communities with a rich arts life were stronger and had better social and civic engagement.

Employers look for artistic skills

The World Economic Forum reported that creativity is becoming the most sought-after skill.)


Art liberates us

A common misconception is that art is synonymous with artwork (paintings, drawings e.t.c.), but art is anything that allows us to be expressive. It is all around us, the little bits of creativity that we find ourselves doing, to large scale movements, art liberates us, and we love it!

Art has a massive impact

There is an art to everything: One has to broaden their perspective and learn to see the beauty in everything. And how do we do that? Through art.

Art helps our mental health

Art is food for the soul, nourishing it and giving it meaning."

Action Plan: Immerse yourself in all types of art

· Visit LHL outdoor art exhibition in Old Town

· Visit Fort Collins art galleries/gardens/museums:

· Complete walking tour of FC murals/Pianos about town,

· Make note of all sculptures seen in FC

· Attend music concerts

· Buy Your Tickets Today for our NOV 3rd RISE: Women’s Music Concert

· Visit our FB page-tell us about your art education visits in FC. Share artistic event/site visited by NOV 5th and be entered to win a book by Dr. Joan King, a Legacy Honoree. ‘ A Life On Purpose: Wisdom At Work’. Winner notification NOV 6th on our FB.

Enjoy your self-orchestrated art education adventures in OCT and as you attend our NOV 3rd music concert. Buy tickets today here only 150 seats: www.RISEWomensMusicCelebration.Info.

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